Secrets to Having Successful Relationships


We’ve all grown up with relationships around us, whether they are relationships with our parents, friends, grandparents, significant others or co-workers. Some relationships become special as we grow in them while some fall by the wayside. As long as we live, relationships keep us going – you only need to talk to those individuals who do not have any close relationships to know what they mean to an average adult. Ever wondered what makes some of the relationships last through thick and thin? While every relationship will give you something and may require some effort, you can make each one of them more meaningful by following the following secrets.


1. Communicate – Nearly all counsellors agree that communication is THE most important ingredient of a successful relationship. Partners in a healthy relationship make time to keep the communication lines stay open, whether it is a date night with your spouse or that coffee evening every Thursday with your best friend. Whether the discussion is about difficult subjects or personal matters, communication helps the other party understand your thoughts, motives and reactions.


2. Connect – Simply communicating your ideas and thoughts may not make a great relationship; you also need to connect, which effectively means that you need to make an effort to understand the thoughts and motives of the other person in the relationship. Stronger relationships are based on strong bonds and these strong bonds are forged over common interests. Always remember to keep the spark alive by doing things that give you both pleasure, but those should not exclude discovering newer common interests.


3. Respect – A deep, abiding respect is the bottom line for all successful relationships – romantic or otherwise. Whether it is the respect for the choices that they have made in their lives or respect for their preferences, any worthwhile relationship exists on mutual respect and trust. Respect is a combination of appreciation, admiration and worth of the people in a relationship, and it keeps the relationship true and supportive.


4. Co-exist – In any relationship, unless you accept the other with all their flaws and weaknesses, the relationship is doomed to failure. So learning to co-exist with a person who may be your opposite temperamentally also forms an important component of a successful relationship. Showing kindness and compassion when things are not going your way, doing special something’s to please your partner, and sometimes keeping your priorities aside to listen to other’s concern will make your relationship stronger.