Safety Tips For Solo Female Travel


Solo female travel is an experience many young women crave, but are unsure because of the safety risks.

If you’re thinking of traveling solo, fear not! You are not by yourself, many women travel alone each year and end up staying safe and out of trouble.  This is because, like you are now, they decided to take the first step in the right direction – advice on how to stay safe and enjoy what may be the most amazing experience of your life.


Carry Safe

What you bring along with you day to day makes a huge difference for safety and preparedness.

Some travellers like to carry a “fake wallet” with a few cancelled credit cards and some petty cash while keeping the real valuables in a much safer spot.  If a thief did confront you, they think they’re getting something worthwhile and you have a greater chance of getting away unharmed by cooperating.

Another essential I always have close at hand is a whistle.  This helps to alert others to your location in the wilderness and can scare off wildlife or potential thieves. Most quality backpacks have these included.


Dress Smart

Along with what you carry, what you wear can keep you away from trouble. Blend in with the locals and keep your values out of reach.

Research the local standard of dress – this could be very different depending on what country you plan to visit – and dress accordingly. By not sticking out like a sore thumb, scammers and burglars are less likely to target you.


Get Advice from Locals

The absolute best way to be informed on what’s happening locally is to to speak to the people who live there.  Hostel workers are a great resource for the best places to eat, activities off the beaten path, and awesome local bars. More importantly, they can tell you what neighbourhoods to avoid and even local scams that are common in the area.


Trust Your Instincts

The single best piece of advice I can give is to trust yourself.  Your gut knows when something is not right – you know best when you’ve had enough to drink and when it’s time to leave a situation.  Trusting your instincts will both get you out of a tight spot when needed and lead you to new experiences, friends, and adventures.

This is your trip and belongs to no one else.  Stay safe and make it a memorable experience by keeping a good head on your shoulders and you’ll come home with stories and memories you won’t get anywhere else.